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Cooperation with ItecSourcing is very easy. It is not stressful and doesn’t require special efforts from you, moreover you are able to use preferable tools to manage your hired employees.

How to start?


The process begins with a study of the task that needs to be done and discussing additional issues with the customer. ItecSourcing can provide existing specialists or hire those one, which client needs according to his project/task. Depending on the project complexity it can be involved one person or team of developers.

We have a large base of professionals which are strong in different areas. You have an ability personally select needed employee, check his CV, hold interview, give test task or require his samples of ready-made work (so called personal portfolio). Or, you can ask us to set up a team.

Then we make contract and the working process can start.

At this stage it is important to make the first prepayment, just like a deposit, as a guarantee of your serious intentions.

You can fully control your employees, communicate with them directly and ask to deliver done tasks.

We understand that there can be situations of not clear communication between client and employee. To avoid this and build effective relations between you and your team, we assign special Client manager who is able to solve any communicative problems. This Client manager can also check the work progress and analyze your feedbacks concerning your hired employee.

It is not a problem to work with selected programmers several times in case if you will have new projects. You can contact us at any time in case if you will need assistance from our side.

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