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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, which became a global phenomenon among banks, people, governments, and companies. The functioning of the cryptocurrency is built on the basis of blockchain technology - a chain (list) of information blocks. Transaction data of such a digital currency is open. The constancy of the block structure is supported by cryptography (digital signature, public key, etc.).The anonymity, decentralization and security are the main features of cryptocurrency.

An experienced team of IT Market Solutions use all efforts to develop an effective solution for our customers and guarantee its security and innovations.

We are skilled in developing of:

Custom cryptocurrency development

Development of own cryptocurrency and introduce it as a new digital currency to the entire world. Creation is based on the highly secured blockchain technology which assures easy transactions.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway

Payment solution which allows to integrate and accept cryptocurrency payment for any kind of business and make it customer friendly and versatile. The main aim of such payment is to improve payment process by means of decreasing the number of involved intermediaries.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Online platforms which allow customers to exchange one cryptocurrency for another one (or for fiat currency) or to trade digital currencies for some other assets. Our specialists are ready to assist you to create your own account and to complete currency exchange.

Cryptocurrency wallet development

Cryptocurrency wallets developed with the aim to store your private transaction keys to receive, store, and send cryptocurrency. Such wallet works like your bank account. We use innovative techniques for easier and faster payment solutions.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Services strengths:

We use following cryptocurrency development platforms:

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