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STO, means Security tokens - digital analogues of securities, certifying ownership and giving owners the right to realize their investment interests (right to shares, dividends, share of profits, etc.). These rights are recorded in the smart contract, and the tokens themselves are traded on exchanges.

Among the main advantages of security token is the high level of investor protection. Also there is no intermediation of banks and other organizations. The risk of fraud in this area is minimized, so you can invest in any projects. In addition, tokenized securities are less volatile than utility tokens.

Having a great experience in token issuance IT Market Solutions provides perfect platforms where investors can fund projects with the help of STO.

We are skilled in developing of:

Landing page

Development of informative landing page to sale token and encourage investors to invest in your token.

Token creation

Creation of tokens specially on requirements of your business and on different issuance platforms.

STO marketing

Experienced SEO team will use the latest strategies to get the maximum revenue for your business.

STO exchange platform

Development of customized platforms to exchange tokens on a secure way.

Usually STO development passes the following stages:

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