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Project Management service

Are you struggling to find the right specialist who can complete project with the right technologies on time and budget? With IT Market Solutions all is possible. We offer Project Management service with which you can be assured that your tasks will be done by 100%.

What is Project Management service?

Our Project Management service is efficient and transparent. To keep the development process under full control we can provide two ways of solution:

After receiving your project with needed requirements and budget we set up a team of specialists with project manager at the head. He is responsible to control the development process, to organize communication between hired employees, to set tasks and goals, to check the completed tasks and make changes according to requirements. In this case only project manager is able to communicate with customer directly. As the result our client receives ready-made task which suits his/her expectations and vision.

The main aims of Project Management service:

To build up an effective team
Full control on each stage of development
To set up roles and responsibilities
Daily communication, on time deliveries

Or we can offer a so-called agile approach. Customer has an opportunity to be personally involved into development process of his/her project. You can select whether to work with one specialist or with team (which you can reduce or increase). There is an ability of direct communication with hired employees. You can receive feedback from your team after each stage of work, make changes and control their implementation.

In case if there are some difficulties in communication between you and your team, we can provide Client manager, who is as an intermediary between you and your employees.

No matter if you need to make project from the very beginning or just need to improve your already launched one, whether you prefer to use some exact technologies or you are looking for something special, IT Market Solutions is always ready to assist you!

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